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Tori Spiegel
UX Design Apprentice @
When building a team Brooklyn is an essential ingredient.
Brooklyn is absolutely stellar! Her positivity and enthusiasm made her stand out and her amazing work ethic and dedication to the craft was evident through her work. I witnessed her lead her teams with such grace and strong leadership, while executing it with her excellent presentation skills. I look forward to seeing her journey. #DesignForSocialGood
Shaun Tai
Executive Director & Product Lead @
Passion, enthusiasm, care for the craft of design...
It’s not often I encounter a designer who embodies the ethos of BRIDGEGOOD and spirit of #DesignForSocialGood - I’m honored to say, Brooklyn does just that. BRIDGEGOOD is extremely thankful to have had Brooklyn as a UX Design Apprentice in summer 2022 and as an active BRIDGEGOOD Champion & Leader.
Sophia Valdez
UX Design Apprentice @
I'm honored to have worked alongside her.
I had to pleasure of working with Brooklyn at BRIDGEGOOD. She is a strong, powerful speaker as well as a writer. Despite being remote, Brooklyn was actively present online, dedicating weekly LinkedIn posts recapping her highlights of the apprenticeship which I loved reading. She showed so much dedication toward her work and toward helping her teammates.
Elvira Gaite
UX Design Apprentice @
Brooklyn would be a real asset to any design team.
I was pleased to work with Brooklyn. Everyone highly respects her because of her enthusiasm and consistency in her work and contribution. I was in awe of her passion and influence to bring out the best in people and get the best results in every project. We worked on BRIDGEGOOD’s design system, and I was impressed by how sharp and efficient she was in creating designs.