Hi, I'm Brooklyn,
a Product Designer

I’m located in Atlanta on the corner of storytelling & design.
I create beautiful visuals that are both accessible and inclusive solutions to help empower people no matter where they are.
My Designs
Graphic of Brooklyn Valera with dark brown curled hair, a red and black floral top on, in front of a circle with a peach gradient background.
Latest Projects
Beyond Physical Therapy
Launched November 2023
Bringing trust and collaboration back to physical therapy. By providing an intuitive and engaging experience with informative content, we instilled confidence in Decatur's newest physical therapy clinic.
Canopy Atlanta's New Look
Launched March 2023
Full-scale redesign that embodies putting the community first. By addressing the unique characteristics of the communities in question, we were able to foster a sense of belonging among users.
#DesignForSocialGood Summit
Launched January 2023
Three-hour event to bring BRIDGEGOOD's mission to design for social good bicoastal. Providing early-career creatives with the tools and skills they need to succeed in Atlanta’s Tech Hub and beyond.
BRIDGEGOOD.app Case Study
Produced September 2022
I led a team of UX designers to conceptualize and design a new way for designers to chat, connect and collaborate no matter where they are. Connecting designers who struggle with having a community to network with.
A Design System for Everyone
Launched July 2022
Crafting a new UI library that builds a trustworthy and accessible foundation for anyone to use and understand. Users can easily convey who BRIDGEGOOD is and truly #DesignForSocialGood.
BRIDGEGOOD Design System Case Study

Brands I've Worked With

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